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We are the ADAPT family and we love what we do.

Our philosophy

We show ourselves and our mission statement

ADAPT Apartments is the provider of temporary living space with service and a feel-good guarantee. We maintain an appreciative and friendly interaction. The form of accommodation, times and services can be selected individually. The houses are of high quality and modern. The guiding principle of our company is to offer our guests a second home, a place of trust and well-being. “First choice for a second home” is the slogan we have been using and living since we were founded in 2012. We focus on quality, reliability and sustainability – because these are the attributes that we also expect in our private homes. So that we as a company can remain true to our own expectations, we have defined a mission statement with values and goals that we would like to share with you here.

Our mission statement for download

Our mission statement
for download

We treat each other with respect and in a friendly manner That applies in both directions: guest . employee / employee – guest

The type of accomodation, times and servies can be selected individually.

High quality
The houses are of high quality and modern

  • Providing temporary housing
  • high regional and national awareness
  • Creating a feel-good atmosphere full of appreciation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Security
  • good value for money
  • our residential offer promotes relaxation, contentment and happiness


  • respectful cooperation and respectful interaction
  • Team spirit and us-thinking
  • familiar and friendly tone, without crossing borders


People are individuals, which means from the very word that we are not all the same We are different…

  • in learning speed
  • in working speed
  • in motivation
  • in receptivity
  • in mental and physical constitution
  • in our family circumstances
  • and much more

People have different resources to offer Together we find out which competencies individual people bring with them and in which areas they achieve less and less good results for whatever reason. The task profiles are continuously adapted in such a way that competencies are promoted, potentials are teased out, but areas that are still not suited to a person are reduced or avoided.

We try to motivate our employees by regularly discussing results and feedback with them in one-on-one meetings. We show them that there is something positive about discussing mistakes and encourage them with their successes. We cultivate a culture in which criticism is welcome and ideas and thoughts can be discussed. We let our employees participate in the processes and solve problems together.

We regularly discuss professional careers in the company, point out new paths, offer further training and plan the future together. It is important to show exit scenarios, what is necessary for this and how we can achieve these goals together.

We openly discuss corporate development, new projects and the challenges and opportunities that arise from them.

Ever since we were founded, we have aimed to treat our environment as carefully as possible.

We deliberately do without air conditioning and instead use an air-conditioning green roof, which is also a habitat for insects and birds. Our buildings also all have excellent insulation properties and thanks to decalcification systems we can do without strong chemical cleaning agents. We have been using 100% green electricity since opening in 2012.

What we are proud of:

1. No air conditioning
We deliberately do without air conditioning Air conditioning systems are energy guzzlers, burdened with high maintenance and upkeep costs, often cause incompatibilities due to drafts and circulatory problems and are contaminated with a high number of germs if they are not maintained properly.

2. Natural indoor climate with expanded clay
Our buildings are made of expanded clay, a natural material made from raw clay (pure natural Lias clay) and ground waste glass.

  • Outstanding insulating properties (heat-insulating & sound-absorbing)
  • healthy room climate, natural air conditioning
  • Self-regulating air conditioning effect due to high moisture absorption capacity: the moisture absorbed from the room humidity during the night is released to the outside air during the day in the form of evaporation, which creates evaporation cold and cools the building envelope naturally
  • no artificial thermal insulation required – commonly referred to as ETICS
  • natural fire protection: expanded clay is hardened in fire and protects itself against fire; as a non-combustible building material, it is assigned to fire class A1 according to DIN 4102

3. Green roof
Most of the buildings have extensive green roofs, which naturally air-condition the ceilings and offer insects and birds undisturbed retreats and habitats. In Berlin, a kestrel pair has been nesting on our main building since 2014.

4. Composting
The green waste from our extensive green spaces is composted by us – around 20 cubic meters a year in Berlin alone – and regularly returned to our own areas as topsoil and natural energy supplier. This reduces soil erosion and avoids the use of chemical fertilizers. In our lawns we have fenced areas that are not mowed and are therefore used as biotopes.

5. Protect the environment, save resources
mild cleaning agents: By installing decalcifying systems, we can do without strong chemical decalcifying agents and clean the sanitary and bathroom facilities with cleaning agents based on orange oil. Furthermore, we protect devices such as dishwashers and washing machines, kettles and coffee machines from extreme calcification without having to use overly chemical descalers. In addition, we increase the service life of the devices many times over.

weekly cleaning:Together with our guests, we have agreed on weekly cleaning cycles and linen changes right from the start. This massively saves resources such as water and electricity, reduces the use of surfactants and of course also saves a lot of money, which means that we can offer our product more cost-effectively.

6. saving energy


  • Since opening in 2012, we have been using 100 percent green electricity from Stadtwerke Herborn.
  • By regularly checking all electrical consumers (especially refrigerators) and their basic settings as well as using the currently most economical light sources such as halogen, energy-saving lamps and LEDs (we have now switched to 100% LEDs), we reduce power consumption to the bare minimum. It has been proven that we do not consume more than the average per capita consumption in Germany, although overnight guests are naturally not as energy-conscious as at home.
  • We explain to our guests how to save energy easily and efficiently.
  • We have intelligent lighting concepts in the general areas.


  • Water-saving inserts in shower heads and at all outlets
  • As a result, approx. 48% lower per capita consumption than the German average


  • District heating in connection with underfloor heating
  • Regular checks of the basic settings and sensitization of our guests
  • As a result, approx. 30% less m² consumption than the German average

Sources: CO2Online statistics / consumption statements from ADAPT Apartments

7. inform and raise awareness
We regularly inform our guests about our measures, discuss with them their usefulness, applicability and acceptance. We also confront our guests with the numbers, from which we receive a lot of positive feedback and notice the increased self-motivation of our guests. This is also regularly discussed and sensitized in our team meetings.

We respect and defend…

  • the fundamental rights under our Constitution and their implementation in international law
  • the working standards and conditions according to the ILO

We strive to…

  • environmentally friendly, sustainable, regional purchasing of capital goods, food, beverages, building materials and consumer goods
  • socio-cultural aspects of the tourism value chain
  • all measures for a healthy and safe working environment

We track…

  • Profitability / strive for continuous improvement
  • compliance with economic aspects and quality management
  • ADAPT has a risk and crisis management system (in relation to ecological, social and economic risks) in the form of regular audits with experts and employees

ADAPT stands for social commitment! Every year we support a special project, currently the youth work of the diving department of the Berlin TSC e.V.!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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family, caring, personal

cooperative, supportive, regional

environmentally friendly, conscious, sustainable

familiar, respectful, varied

Sustainability out of conviction

ADAPT Apartments is the provider of temporary living space with service and a feel-good guarantee.

Sustainability out of conviction

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